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Local Honey

Local honey is fresh, tastes great, and comes from reputable beekeepers.

Wax and Other Products of the Hive

Our beekeeper members sell wax, propolis, soaps, balms, and more.

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Bee Removal Services

We can help with unwanted bees in your home or property.

  • Bee swarms are large groups of bees looking for new hives. Once they find a suitable location, the swarm will leave.
  • Established hives have taken residence in a building, inside trees and other locations.

Report Unwanted Bees

About Us

The Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (MCBA) of Maryland has one purpose: promote better beekeeping. We have over 150 members, some of whom are Master Beekeepers. We welcome new members, and conduct beekeeping classes for beginners every spring. Our experienced beekeepers are there to help you with your beekeeping problems and to give moral support when needed. The Association publishes a monthly newsletter called The Honey Pot.

Beekeeping is loads of fun! Come join us!