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Whether you are a long-time beekeeper, haven't yet started, or just like learning about honey bees, you'll enjoy being a member of Maryland's Montgomery County Beekeepers Association.

  • We have monthly meetings  with expert guest speakers and Master Beekeepers who provide fascinating insights to keeping honey bees.
  • Members can access our member directory so you can find an experienced beekeeper in your neighborhood!
  • We have a 600+ online ListServ community with daily conversations on all things 'honey bee'. Questions, answers, news articles, videos - a great way to stay in touch.
  • Have honey bees but no way to harvest your honey?  MCBA members can borrow our honey extractors for free!
  • MCBA members receive a $20 discount ($70 instead of $90) on our 7-week class "Beekeeping for Beginners".   Registration opens in January (limited to 100 students, so membership doesn't guarantee enrollment). Classes are usually held in February-March. This is an excellent way to jumpstart your beekeeping hobby.

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