Find Local Honey

Local honey is fresh, tastes great, and comes from reputable beekeepers.  Our beekeeper members sell wax, propolis, soaps, balms, and more.  Where can you find Montgomery County honey and hive products?

Find Local Honey

Learn to Keep Bees

Interested in keeping bees but not sure where to start?

JOIN Maryland's Montgomery County Beekeepers Association !

We have monthly meetings  with expert guest speakers and Master Beekeepers who provide fascinating insights to keeping honey bees.

Members can access our member directory so you can find an experienced beekeeper in your neighborhood!

We have a 600+ online ListServ community with daily conversations on all things 'honey bee'. Questions, answers, news articles, videos - a great way to stay in touch.

Have honey bees but no way to harvest your honey?  MCBA members can borrow our honey extractors for free!

MCBA members receive a $20 discount on our 7-week class "Beekeeping for Beginners".   Registration opens in January. Classes are Tuesdays in Feb. & March. This is an excellent way to jumpstart your beekeeping hobby.



Take My Bees!

We can help with unwanted bees in your home or on your property. A bee swarm is a large group of bees looking for a new home. Beekeepers will be happy to provide that home.

Report Unwanted Bees

About Us

The Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (MCBA) of Maryland has one purpose:     PROMOTE BETTER BEEKEEPING. We have over 200 members, some of whom are Master Beekeepers. We welcome new members, and conduct beekeeping classes for beginners every spring. Our experienced beekeepers are there to help you with your beekeeping problems and to give moral support when needed. The Association publishes a monthly newsletter called The Honey Pot.

Beekeeping is loads of fun! Come join us!