Neonicotinoid insecticides have been found to

European foulbrood (EFB) is diagnosed by

Honey bees are useful for commercial pollination of plants due largely to their behavior of

Beeswax is an “expensive” metabolic product to produce because bees need to consume _______ pounds of honey to produce ONE pound of beeswax

Clipping a queen’s wing and using a queen excluder at colony openings are ineffective swarm control techniques because

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The number of drifting bees can be reduced by

NECTAR becomes HONEY through the inversion of sugars and ____

"Direct Release" of a queen when installing a package of bees means

The NON-chemical varroa control technique that most likely will have the greatest impact on mite reproduction and keeping mite populations lower in a colony is

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Image shows a bee afflicted with DWV, Deformed Wing Virus, which is spread by varroa mites.

Of these chemicals used for treatment of varroa mites, which is most likely to contaminate beeswax comb

Supplemental feeding of bee colonies may be necessary

Bees can detect some sounds with their


Of the following, which varroa mite control product kills BOTH phoretic and mites within capped cells

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Under normal circumstances, in the Northeastern U.S., the least amount of brood in a bee colony is found during the month of

AFB (American Foulbrood) is caused by this type of pathogen

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IMAGE shows sunken brood cappings, a sign of AFB