MCBA Members can borrow extractors to take home, and they can use a refractometer (to measure water content of honey) at the Extractor Manager's home.  

Decent refractometers can also be purchased online
for under $30 if you are a good shopper.

How do I borrow a club extractor?

  • AFTER READING THIS ENTIRE PAGE,  contact one of our Extractor Managers by email.  Their contact info will appear at the bottom of this page IF you are a MCBA Member AND logged-in to this website.
  • Send the Extractor Manager this information:
    1. name
    2. home address
    3. email
    4. phone
    5. when you'd ideally like to borrow it, but know that there may be a wait list.
  • Please choose weekdays if possible to accommodate folks working Mon - Fri.
  • Equipment can be borrowed for a maximum of one (1) week but in the interest of the 300 other members, please be expedient.
  • You are responsible for picking up and returning the equipment.
  • A $50.00 deposit (cash or check) will be collected upon pick-up.  It will be returned to you when you bring it back in the same condition.
  • Users are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the equipment after use so that the next member borrowing the equipment has nice clean tools.

How do I clean the stuff?

Please do not use soap or chemicals. Frank McCowan suggests the 'bees-then-water' method... First set the equipment near your hives  so the bees can lick it clean, then hose it down with cold water. Frank says that hot water from your tap isn't hot enough to melt the wax flakes; it just makes them sticky and harder to remove.   Steam cleaners and boiling water do clean the metal parts well, but Frank doesn't recommend this because you could scald yourself and he doesn't want to be responsible.

Do I need any other equipment for honey extraction?

You will need to have food grade containers or bottles to store your extracted honey. Other materials are optional and depend on where you plan on extracting. You may want extra newspaper and paper towels on hand and an extra person makes the process easier.

What kind of extractors are available to borrow?

Currently we have a two frame, a four frame and a six frame extractor and a Motorized Extractor.

The Maxant Motorized Extractor:

6-Medium Frames or 3-Deep Frames

The Two frame Extractor:

Two Frame Extractor
Two Frame Extractor (top view)

The Four frame Extractor:

Four Frame Extractor
Four Frame Extractor (top view)

The Six frame Extractor:

Six Frame Extractor
Six Frame Extractor (top view)


What comes with the extractor?

1. A three piece clear plastic uncapping tub, drainer and lid

Uncapping Tub (disassembled)
Uncapping Tub (assembled)


2. An electric uncapping knife

Uncapping Knife


3. One wooden frame 'rest'

When holding the frame over the uncapping tub, these wooden 'rests' can be used to support the frame.
Frame Rests

Here is a frame rests in use:

Frame Rests Detail

4. A bucket with a honey gate, and three graduated strainers: 200, 400, and 600 micron

Bucket with Gate

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